Friday, June 17, 2016

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

On June 7, we crossed the border at Port Huron, MI.  We had to pay $9 to take the bridge over to Ontatio.  It was an easy border crossing with only a few cars in front of us and the Candian border patrol asking few questions.  

After posting on Facebook that we were going into Ontario, we received a text from Bernita and Ron Poutney that they were staying at Paris, ON (on our route).  Ron's son was in the hospital so they came up from Florida to be with him.  They were staying at Ron's nieces and she had plenty of room for us to park.  It was a lovely setting and we enjoyed our 2 nights visiting with Ron and Bernita.

On June 9, we were off to Niagara Falls.  We made reservations at King Waldorf Marineland RV park.  When we got there on Thursday night there was only 1-2 spots taken.  It is expensive at $50 per night but it was a pretty park.

 I went to the visitors center and bought 2 combo tickets - boat ride, beneath the falls experience, sound of fury, Rapids walkway and transportation on the Wego for 2 days for about $40.  The next day we took off early to catch the Wego at Marineland.  Then we found out that the shuttle doesn't stop at Marineland on weekdays.  So we waited for the city bus.  That was taking forever so we decided to drive in and pay the $18 for a parking place.  But it was in a great location.  We dressed too warmly so we could drop stuff off at the car along the day.
We first went to the Falls main center where we signed up for the stuff included on our package.  First thing was behind the falls. We rode an elevator down and walked in a tunnel to two viewing areas enclosed and one viewing area outside. We were given rain parkas for the trip.  Inside all we saw was a lot of water.  Outside we were very close to the falls.

Next we went to the kids movie 'Sound of Fury' and then went into the special effects room, with another rain parka and got slashed with water.  It as kind of hokey.  We went outside and took some good pictures of Horseshoe falls.

We decided to do Skylon tower and, after finding out you could ride for free if you bought lunch, splurged with a nice lunch, including wine, at the revolving restaurant.  This is where I got my best pictures of the falls.

Above picture is of the Ferris wheel and casino in Niagara Falls, ON.  Below - Skylon tower.

After lunch, we rode the Wego to the rapids Boardwalk.  These are class 6 Rapids that run below the falls.

Last for the package deal was the boat ride to the falls.  We rode on the Hornblower.  Maiden in the Mist boat is on the US side.  Again we were given rain ponchos.  And we got wet.  I didn't take many pictures because I did not want my phone to get wet.

American and Bridal Falls.

We went back to the RV and had a little food and rested then returned to the falls at night.  The falls were lighted and beautiful.  There was also fireworks (Friday, Wednesday, Sunday).  We parked north of the IMAX ($4 for all day) and watched the IMAX movie on Niagara Falls and went into the display on Daredevils.  Then we went down to the walkway to see th falls and fireworks.  It was a long day but worth it. 

The next day I drove to Niagara on the Lake, a cute smaller tourist town with lots of wineries.  Then driving back I passed  botanical gardens, walkway to the big whirlpool, and lots of bicyclists.  It was Sunday, a beautiful warm day and lots of people were out enjoying it.
Dean and I decided that we were ready to go back to Prescott.  We've been gone over 6 months which we figure is about 2-3 months too long.  So the next post will be the last on this trip.

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