Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tillamook to Winchester Bay

We finally made it to Winchester Bay and the Roving Rods Crab Festival. We got here today and Dean has already started throwing his crab pot in the water. He caught a lot of crabs today but couldn't keep anything because they were so small. Maybe tomorrow!!

We stayed at Tillamook for four days and did some interesting things. After one day of
just getting things done around the rig like cleaning, reading, and computer stuff, we rode with Chuck and Jan on the Three Capes Scenic drive to the Cape Meares Lighthouse and
the lovely beach of Oceanside. This is us sitting on the beach enjoying the sunshine.

Then the next day we went to the Air Museum which was really interesting. They have a lot of planes, some old and some new, in this
hanger that was built to hold 9 blimps during WWII. This picture is taken from our RV park which was close to the big hangers. At the museum we watched a video of the history of the building and then we walked around the airplanes. Dean and I would highly recommend this museum.

After the museum we went to the seafood market and bought fresh halibut and clams. That night we had a feast: Chuck and Jan provided salmon and salad and we provided clams and halibut. The picture below is our camp at the Airpark of Tillamook looking thru the blackberry bushes which I spent a lot of time picking fresh blackberries.

On Wednesday we drove to the Three Rivers Casino in Florence, OR to meet up with a group of Boomers (RV group we belong to)before going to Winchester Bay. The Casino has free parking and provides each new visitor with $10 playing card. Dean and I came out ahead - after using our $20 we had $6.32 extra. We probably closed the casino with our big winnings.

Monday, September 21, 2009

South Beach to Tillamook

We stayed at South Beach until Friday. This has turned out to be our favorite campground so far. On Wednesday we drove with Chuck and Jan around the Quinault Lake and saw some really big trees, waterfalls, and great views of the lake. Dean is actually standing inside of a large cedar tree in the picture below. On Thursday we bought coho salmon from the local fishermen at Queets. Then Chuck and Dean cleaned them and Jan and I vacuum packed them. We have a lot of salmon!

We left South Beach on Friday
and drove to Aberdeen for supplies and
stayed the night in the Elks club parking lot.

On Saturday we drove South thru some neat little fishing towns We stopped at Long Beach and visited the Kite Museum and then walked the beach watching the people flying kites. We meet a really interesting kite flyer, Chuck Blevins, and sat with him while he flew his kite in circles, squares and dives. Then we left Long Beach and drove South along the beautiful coast of Oregon.

We ended up on Saturday at Tillamook and the first stop we made was at the cheese factory. We are staying at the Airpark near the biggest wooden building in the country - a hangar turned museum that was built for blimps during WWII.