Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harlingen, Texas

It is hot and humid here in Harlingen, Texas, but we love being in shorts and having the fans on. Chica is too hot though (she is sleeping in the bathtub because it is cooler). Today we are having her hair cut really short.

Here is a recap since my last blog. We spent 2 nights at Falcon State Park where we met up with Kent, Peggy, Jeff, and Carol, whom we had met in Zapata. On our second night there we got out the wampum sticks and they came over for hot dogs cooked on the fire. Falcon Lake state park is another fishing destination and the campground is divided into hookups and dry camping. The dry camping sites were spaced far apart, had views of the water and had fire rings. There was lots of wildlife. The armadillo pictured above was in our camp the first night did not seem afraid of us. We enjoyed this campground very much.

Wampum hotdogs on the grill at Falcon State Park

After Falcon State park we came to Harlingen. We are staying at the Elks Lodge ($8 per night for full hookups). The RVer’s here are very friendly and most have been here all winter. The Elks is centrally located in Harlingen and while we were here we did some work on the rig– installing a new digital TV in the bedroom so I could watch local channels, namely American Idol. Of course, we did not get FOX as one of our channels here, but we will down the line. The highlight of our stay was a day trip to South Padre Island. It was not what we expected. There are a lot of high-rise hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and lots of people. I did like the county parks where they had full hookups and close to the beach (maybe next time). We had a fantastic meal at Dirty Al’s where shared one pound of grilled shrimp and some wonderful fries.

Judy and Chica on the beach at South Padre Island

A pound of grilled shrimp and seasoned fries at Dirty Al's

Judy and here new friend at Port Isabel with the causeway bridge in background going to South Padre Island

Tomorrow we are moving to North Padre Island National Seashore close to Corpus Christi.