Monday, May 23, 2016

Atchison to Illnois

The last blog was about Atchinson, Kansas, but a few more events happened during our stay that I want to record.  Our son-in-law, Lorin Affield, is the director of the YMCA and they had a ground breaking ceremony while we were there for the expansion of the facility.  A lot of big wigs were there and Lorin was in his glory.
Lorin is the one on the left.

It was a proud day for Lorin's mom, Linnea, wife Stephanie, and two sons Lane and Landon. 

Also during our final few days the youngest grandson preformed in a choir.  You can tell he really enjoyed it.

We left Atchison and went back to Dean's brother's farm for two weeks.  During that time we hiked and biked a Rails to Trails near Allen, KS.

Chica enjoyed her stay by snooping around everywhere, even under the porch.

There were some storms during our stay and to be safe we moved the RV into one of brother Tom's big barns.

We drove to Gardner and saw our granddaughter, Parker, play softball one night.

We stayed through Mother's Day and Dean's mom's 95th birthday.  She slept during most of the celebration but we sang and had a wonderful lunch and cake!

On May 15, we headed to Iowa.  Lorin, Stephenie, and the boys came down to see us off.  Here is Tom, Barb, Stephanie, Lane, and Lorin saying goodbye as we drive out.

We drove north the first night and stayed at the Elks at Cameron, Missouri.  The next day we stayed at a very nice COE campground outside of Iowa City on Coralville Lake.  We took two very nice hikes and did our Costco and Walmart run.

The next day we went to HWH near Moscow, Iowa, to get the RV levelers checked.  We got to spend the night in their lot for free.  The down side was it was raining when we set up. In the morning we had our appointment and did not have to pay anything since we only got a checkup.  Yeah!
The next two nights we stayed at another great COE campground in Hampton, Illinois located alongside the Mississippi River.  We did a couple of hikes and a long bike ride since there was a biking trail right outside the entrance to the campground.

Fishermen alongside the locks of the river.

Bike ride - barge and tourist boat on the Mississippi.

Next stop - Springfield, Illinois and all things Lincoln!