Friday, September 25, 2015

Southern Oregon

Traveling down the Oregon Coast: 

After Tillamook we drove south on Hwy 101 to Lincoln City following Chuck and Jan Moore.  We parked for 6 nights at the Chinook Winds casino (free). This is a great spot, five minute walk from the beach and entertainment and shopping.  We went into the casino for the seafood buffet which was delicious and we all got our fill of crab.  Dean and I walked the beach everyday but one.  We had lots of wind and cool weather while we were there.  

Chinook Winds casino

Dean at the beach in Lincoln City

Views from Hwy 101

Next we drove to Winchester Bay for the Crab Boomerang.  There were about 30 Boomers and they were a great group: crabbing, fishing, happy hour, pot lucks, and lots of socializing.  Dean tried his hand at crabbing but I had more luck just buying it off the locals.  But we both did well on the fishing charter: 8 rock fish and 1 lingcod.  The fishing trip out of Charleston Bay was fun but very rough seas.  No one got sick except a new deckhand. 

Our rig is third from left and Moores is fourth.  Thanks Jan for this picture.

Happy Boomers!  I took this off Facebook so thanks to whoever took it.

The famous crabbing dock at Winchester Bay and Dean bringing in the pot.  Those crabs are too small to keep.

Walks on the beach with Chica.

Oyster night with friends.  Thanks Jan for the picture and being such a good friend!

Fishing trip.  That is our catch for the day.  The guy on the left is going to fillet them.

Dean, Frank Gruelle, and Chuck Moore enjoying the weather and view.

What a great group.  Thanks to Dona Moody for this picture.  We had a great time.

After Winchester Bay, Dean and I headed south to the last town on the Oregon coast, Brookings.  We meet up with my cousins from Medford who have a boat anchored in the Brookings harbor.  We went out with them on their boat and saw sea lions and a whale.  Thank goodness the waters were very calm.

Cousin JB and wife, Evan, cousin Lenora and husband (captain) David and me by his nice boat to the right.

Dean and I on the boat.

Best picture I got of the whale and, below, sea lions.

Dean, Evan, Lenora facing.  JB and David in seats.

Enjoying fish and chips after boating: Lenora, David, JB, Evan.  Lenora and JB are sister and brother and live in Medford.

Yesterday, Dean, Chica, and I walked the beach at Lone Creek rest area just north of Brookings.  The coastline is beautiful and the weather is fantastic here.

A lasting shot - Chica after a hard day at the beach.

Tomorrow we leave for Medford to spend a little more time with the cousins.  And then we are off to Klamath Falls and heading south into California.