Saturday, August 1, 2009

We just finished day four. Yesterday, we went to the Utah Museum of National History in Vernal, Utah. Lots of information about this area and the many dinosaur remains and fossils that have been found here.

Then we toured the Dinosaur National Monument, 10 miles outside of Vernal. We did the fossil hike but the Quarry Visitor Center is closed and it held the best display of fossils. So we need to come back when it reopens in 2011!

We drove the auto tour of the National Monument, which was not much to speak of except for Josie Barrett’s cabin and homestead. This was a crusty lady who farmed by herself until 1964 when she died at the age of 90. No phone, electricity, plumbing, internet – just work and her animals. But she had a beautiful piece of property.

Today we drove North of camp to check out the Flaming Gorge and see the best route to Wyoming . Dean is a little concerned because there are many switchbacks and 8-9% grades. After driving the route Dean was more confident. It was a beautiful drive with lots of views of the gorge and the reservoir. During our drive we saw many lovely boondocking sites. So we returned to camp and packed up andmoved up to 8600 ft. where the low is only suppose to be between 35 and 45 tonight.

Tomorrow we will leave early again and drive to near Moran Junction (another boondocking spot) to meet with our friends Chuck and Jan Moore.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I had a little difficulty yesterday getting my message loaded. So that is why there is nothing on it. This was my message. Hopefully I will be able to post today:

Yesterday morning we left the cabin at Forest Lakes bright and early and drove East of Holbrook to Hwy.191. We traveled thru Eastern Arizona: Ganado, Chinle, and Many Farms. The scenery in some places was beautiful with sandstone bluffs and pinnacles.

The first night we stayed at Devil’s Canyon Campground North of Blanding, Utah. This is the first time Dean has used his Golden Age Pass for camping so we paid half price ($6). We have stayed at this campground before and enjoy its beauty and coolness. It is at around 7800 Ft. We were even a little cold since it was rainy when we arrived.

Today we left bright and early and continued driving on 191 thru Moab, and up to Price. Between Price and Duchesne we encountered a difficult stretch of road: 8% grade for 5 miles and 20 miles of steady uphill. We had to stop twice to let the transmission cool. The scenery was beautiful though.

On the other side the downhill grade was not too bad but we encountered “Open range” and a herd of cattle on the road, which slowed us down some.

Tonight we are staying at Steinaker State Park.,North of Vernal. They do not accept golden age passes, darn! Tomorrow we are visiting Dinsoaur National Monument and Utah museum of Natural History. Saturday we will go to Flaming Gorge Reservior and check out the roads leading out of here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

We are still at the cabin, packing up and getting ready to leave for another fantastic RV trip. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. We left Prescott for Forest Lakes on July 13 and were here for 1 day and then my father passed away on July 15. Dean and I drove back to Okla. and spent 8 days with my stepmom in Chickasha. We came back to the cabin last Thurs. and have been working on the rig and doing some gardening. We are looking forward to traveling to Nevada, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.