Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dipped Harbor, New Brunswick

This is the second blog in a row so be sure and check out the blog on Brewer, Maine.
We crossed the border on Saturday with no problems. Then we went into New Brunswick and our first stop was Dipped Harbor (it is between St. George and St. John and on the water). We had a great spot to spend the night at the wharf.

We had time to go lobster shopping, take a walk, and sit out by the docks. We had many conversations with the locals - joining us for our walk and stopping by to talk to us as we sat out.

We bought 2 lb lobsters from the market and then we bought more 2 lb lobsters from the local fishermen. What a feast! But we have to get a bigger pot.

Brewer. Maine

We pulled into Laugh and Shelley's on Tuesday after Memorial Weekend. They have a lovely home on the river in Brewer, Maine. The first day was hot! But then the next three days were very cool. What a difference.
On Wednesday the Poutney's joined us after spending 10 days in New York City. There was plenty of room for both rigs.
We had wonderful Happy Hours and meals at the Drillons. First night scallops and fiddleheads (a fernlike green). One night we had fresh lobster. Here is a picture of the Poutneys and us enjoying our lobster dinner.

Our good friend Ed Hendrickson joined us each night. Ed is in his 90's and still going strong.

This is Ed, Laugh and Shelley on the day we left.