Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chimacum, Washington

We are finally out of the rain forest and into civilization. We are dry camping at the Escapees park in Chimcum, WA. with Jan and Chuck. We said our goodbyes to Dick and Beth yesterday and wished them good travels. This is a picture of Dick and Beth at Mt. St Helen's. Here are some writings while we were at Iron Cree campground.

September 3, 2009

We are at Iron Creek campground, South of Randle, WA.,and still have no internet. So I will copy and paste this later. We have been here since Sunday and plan on staying until Tuesday after Labor Day. This camp will be very full this weekend; we are lucky to have a spot. Dick and Beth Miller are with us; they came in on

Tuesday. We have huge trees all around us (solar does not work here) with lots of ferns and moss. Yesterday, the four of us drove up to Mt. St. Helen’s on the North side where it blew in 1980. Forest road 99 is a memorial road with lots of pullouts for views and information on the eruption. The vegetation is coming back a little but it is pretty barren. Lots of down trees, ash and rock. Today, Dean and I stayed home and did a bike ride while Dick and Beth went to Mt. Rainer. Tomorrow we are going to the really big flea market in Packwood, WA.

September 7, 2009

We are still at Iron Creek CGand we are beginning to feel like ducks! It has rained here for three days and nights. Tomorrow we leave and all four of us will be ready. Dick and Beth will head East and we will head West.

Friday we went to Packwood and spent all day at the flea market. It was almost as big as Quartzsite. Didn’t buy much but it was fun looking. The picture below is of Beth with her best purchase - wine glasses!

Saturday because of the rain, we stayed in our rigs. Beth and I did some beading. Sunday Dean, Dick, and I went for a little drive to Iron Creek Waterfalls and to Randle for generator gas. We have both been running our generators about 6 to 8 hours a day because we have NO SOLAR.