Thursday, October 8, 2009

Walker Lake, Nevada

We are in Nevada and a totally different landscape than what we have been in for the last 70 days. I am finally in shorts and I love it!! We are boondocking at Walker Lake in between Tonapah and Fallon on Hwy 95. It is a huge lake, a lot like Roosevelt Lake in AZ, except there is no green vegetation anywhere in site. After tonight we will head to Death Valley and really warm up.

After we left Winchester Bay we drove to Medford to visit my cousin, J.B. and Evan Kell. We stayed at the Valley of the Rogue state
park which we have stayed at before and really enjoy. We had dinner with my cousin and expected to see them again on Monday night but Dean got sick on Monday and we stayed at the park. Since we stayed at the park all day I got a chance to do laundry and Valley of the Rogue has a really good, cheap laundry. Dean is all better after a miserable day of stomach problems.

On Tuesday we drove to Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. We stayed at Manzanita Lake Campground on the NW side and there were maybe 4 other campsites occupied. Lassen Peak erupted in May 1914 and again in May 1915. It was a huge eruption and there are a lot of hydrothermal areas, jagged mountains, lakes, streams, and volcanic rock formations. I hiked Bumpass Hell which is a 3 mile hike to the biggest hydrothermal area. Dean still did not feel great so he stayed in the truck with Chica. This mornig when we left it was 28 degrees so I am glad to get someplace warm.

The above picture is Bumpass Hell and the picture to the right is Lassen Peak and Manzanita Lake.