Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Pictures

We are at Emigrant, MT., visiting two of Dean's old teaching buddies - Richard and Carol. They spend the summer in a retirement village that is about 90% membership in the Church Universal and Triumpnant. This was the church that built all the bunkers in the hills when they thought the world was going to end. Hopefully, we will get to tour a bunker before we leave.
Today I am just going to show some pictures of the last week with Jan and Chuck in the Tetons.

Our last night - Chuck and Jan, Gene and Martha, Dean and I attending Cowboy Church.

Here is a picture for all you elementary teachers - at visitors center in Moose, WY. children were corraled by holding on to a rope.

Chica relaxing in the fifth wheel.

Dean on hike at Jenny Lake in the Tetons.

Back at Cowboy church - Grant Golliher (horse whisperer) using princples of horse training and living a Christian life.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last day at the Tetons

This is day number 12. We have not been able to use our air card so we are trying to use locals signals and sometimes to no success.

We have had some very cool weather. Got out the big propane heater yesterday because it was below 40 and very raining and overcast all day. This morning was also very cold.

Last Thursday Chuck, Jan, Dean and I drove to the visitor center at Moose, WY, which is in the Teton National Park and joined the MANY tourists to look around the visitor center. On the way, we saw a bull moose(you can’t miss seeing some of these animals because there are 100 people standing in one spot and taking pictures).

Then we hiked some around Jenny Lake. During our hike we encountered a bear. Now this time we and about 4 other hikers were the only ones to see the bear. It walked down from the woods, across our trail about 20 ft in front of us and down to the lake for a drink.Then it ambled up the bank, in front of us again and back into the forest. It was so cool!

After that encounter we drove the Moose-Wilson scenic drive and saw (along with a lot of tourist) another moose – this time large female – in a marshy area. It was a good day for animal viewing. And, of course, the Tetons were magnificent.

The rest of the time, except for hiking and biking, we have stayed around our camp. Dean and Chuck have talked tech stuff and Jan and I have made jewelry. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Tomorrow we leave Chuck and Jan and go to Emigrant, MT to see Richard and Carol.