Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer in Kansas

We just finished 2 months in Kansas visiting relatives so I am going to include the highlights of the trip here in pictures.  The first two weeks we spent at Dean's brothers farm outside Allen, Kansas.  During our stay at the pig farm we spent a lot of time with Dean's mother, Marge, who turned 91 this year. Memorial weekend Tom and Barb's kids and their grandkids came to visit along with Dean's younger brother Richard, his wife, and two boys and Dean's oldest daughter, her husband, and 2 boys.  We had lots of food, ATV rides for the kids, a little turkey hunting for the older kids, and decent weather so we could sit outside.  Here is Marge and Dean's oldest daughter, Stephanie.

Below is brother Tom and lots of the grandkids on the ATV.

Then we moved to Atchinson to spend 5 weeks with oldest daughter, Stephanie, her husband, Lorin, and two boys - Lane and Landon.  We parked in front of their house.  It was hot but fortunately we were plugged in and the air conditioner was humming along all summer.

When we arrived, Lorin had to move a Killdeer bird's three eggs which were in the gravel.  He replaced them and for two weeks we watched over the bird and her nest until finally two babies hatched.  Sadly, the third egg never hatched.