Saturday, June 18, 2016

Final leg

It is June 18 and we are spending our final night on the road.  
We left Ontario last Sunday and had another easy crossing at the border.  Of course, we had to pay another $9 to cross the bridge but there was no one in line at the check point ( when we came into Canada earlier in the week the line coming back into the states was a mile long).  We dry camped at Port Huron elks so we could meet our good friends from Park City, Jon  and Ellen.  They are on their way to Maine.  Right after we got to the elks a Lazy Days pulled in.  I thought that the rig was familiar and it turns out that it was Russ and Jane Darrow who parked next to us at Boomerville.  Small world.

Crossing the border bridge.

Port Huron Elks has a beautiful 18 hole golf course.

Our friends Jon and Ellen and dog, Yetti.

Jan and Russ Darrow

Mutt and Jeff - Jon and Ellen's rv next to ours.

After a great night of visiting with Jon and Ellen we headed north thru Michigan to St. Ignace in the UP to stay at a casino.  We paid another $18 to cross over the 5 mile long Mackinaw bridge.

We drove highway 2 across the lower part of the UP and then into the middle of Wisconsin.  This night we found a casino that had rv parking, electricity, all for free.

Next day we drove across Minnesota and into South Dakota to a small town called Montrose, where we stayed at their city park for $15.  The weather all over the country is hot so we needed to plug in.

We drove to Rapid City and had drinks and dinner with Betty and Duane and Joe Moody.  It was very hot, close to 100 degrees, in Rapid City and we stayed at the fairgrounds for $30.  The only problem with the fairgrounds is they run their sprinklers all night and in the morning the RV park was flooded.

Yesterday, June 17, we drove south and wanted to spend the night at a free campground in Brush, CO.  When we got there it was full so we continued on hwy 71 south.  The only problem was there were no places to spend the night on this route.  We took this road because Dean did not want to drive through Denver but it was a rough, sparsely populated, and boring road.  We drove over 575 miles to Raton Pass just inside the New Mexico border.  Dean had some difficult breathing (we were at 7800 ft) so he went into Walmart in Trinidad, CO, for awhile and he said there were lots of RVs parked there and the temperature was cool.  Oh well, next time.  

Today we drove across New Mexico to the Dancing Eagle casino where we are staying tonight for $10.  It was very hot when we pulled in.  Tomorrow we have 373 miles and we will be back home after 189 days, 15 states, and 3 countries.  We averaged $5.81 per night, stayed 105 nights free, and averaged $13.10 for the nights we paid.

Raton Pass RV park

Chica is a well traveled dog!  She has been a great traveling companion but I think she is ready to be home also.

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