Friday, April 15, 2011

Kennedy Space Center

We are really behind in our blogging. For the last 10 days we have been in Ocala National Forest with very limited internet and cell phone service. Today we are in Georgia and I am going to post two blogs to catch up.

On Monday, April 4, Dean and I went to the Kennedy Space Center. We spent the entire day and did not see everything.

We paid for the "Then and Now" tour which took us by bus close to the launch sites. The picture on the right is of the launch area with the space shuttle getting ready for a flight. On April 19 the space shuttle will depart around 8:00 PM. There will only be one more space shuttle flight this summer.

The building on the right was (at one time) the biggest building in the world; now it is third. This is where they put the shuttle together and get it ready for flight. Each stripe of the flag is the width of a highway lane. That is little tiny me in the front.

One experience at the center is the launch simlator. We got strapped into a chair, turned 90 degrees, and they stimulated taking off in the shuttle (noisy and lots of shaking). Kind of like an "E" ride at Disney.

So where do old rockets go to when they are obsolete? Right here in the rocket garden.
We also saw a couple of movies about the space program and even touched a moon rock. Pretty cool stuff!!

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