Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visit with niece in Boca Raton

After we left the Everglades we stopped on the East side of Lake Okeechobee at Torry Island Campground in Belle Glade, Florida for two nights. This was our most expensive RV park at $21 each night.

I rode my bike around the camp and on a bike path outside of the park. Of course, along the route, which was along a canal, I saw another alligator. They are everywhere!!

This campground is another campground devoted to the fisherman. There were power boats and air boats going by our camp. The air boats are extremely noisy!

On Saturday, Dean and I drove in to Boca Raton to see my neice and her husband. We went to lunch at the Banana Boat along the intercoastal waterway in Boca Raton and then took a lovely drive to see the beautiful houses in the area.

Gina and Jari have a big dog, Mozart, that is 12 years old. They both adore their dog, just like we adore Chica. We did not take Chica to Boca (she stayed in the motorhome) but I think the two dogs would have liked each other.

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