Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Construction of Fort Pulaski began in 1829 and was completed 18 years later, taking 25 million bricks to complete. The fort is surrounded by a moat (which still has water in it, unlike the fort in St. Augustine) and is one of the nation's best preserved fortifications.

The Battle of Fort Pulaski during the civil war was turning point
in military history. The Union army breached the southeast angle of the pentagon-shaped fort and demonstrated the improved power, range and accuracy of rifled cannons. This signaled the end of masonry fortifications.

Ron, Bernita, Dean and I took a tour of the fort. The grounds are beautiful, the fort is huge, and the views on the second level are very nice.

We even got a chance to go into the displays of officers quarters, supply room, dining room, before we were ushered out by the national park workers. I quess someone left the door open so we tourists were going into these areas that were suppose to be closed.

The weather has been hot and humid. Time to head north!

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

How funny.....leave it to you 4 to get into the restricted area! Miss you all, C&J