Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Charleston, SC. and Magnolia Plantation

We had a delightful week with Ron and
Bernita Poutney at her son's house outside of Savannah, GA. This is a picture of his house and our RV to the right. Ron's and Bernita's RV is behind ours. He has a lovely home with a lot of yard.

On Monday, Dean and I left for South Carolina. We didn't go far - only 70 miles to Walterboro and stayed at a beautiful Elks for two nights.

During our time in South Carolina we did a day trip to Charleston. It is hard to say which city we liked the best - Savannah or Charleston. Savannah has lovely parks and gorgeous homes and Charleston has lovely homes and gorgeous churches.

On the way home from Charleston we stopped at the Magnolia Plantation. It is a beautiful plantation open to the public. I did the house tour and walked the gounds and looked at the beautiful gardens.

Today we moved on to Virginia and we are spending our first night in a Walmart in Emporia, Virginia. Dean had to say he stayed in Emporia, even if it is the wrong state. We buzzed through North Carolina - will have to save that state for another trip. Tomorrow we go to the Elks at Richmond.

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Very cool, Judy. I really want to see those 2 cities. Smiled when I saw you were staying in EMPoria! Hugs to you & Dea, J&C