Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swamp Tour, Breaux Bridges, LA

Today we went to Breaux Bridges (a town East of Lafayette) and did a swamp tour. The tour was on Lake Martin, a small lake with a lot of wild life.

Just in case we did not see an alligator today, the tour guide, Bryan, brought along a small one- year old gator that each of us got to hold.

The swamp is beautiful, with hanging moss and cypress trees.

We got lucky today and saw 4 alligators. They look like logs in the water. Most did not move, but when Bryan got too close to one it moved very fast into the water.

This little animal is like a beaver but it is called a nutria, or Lousianna swamp rat. It does a lot of damage to the trees.

This is Bryan, our guide, and the participants of the tour. We were going back across Lake Martin to the dock.

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