Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kaplan, LA. Madri Gras parade

On Fat Tuesday, we spent Mardi Gras going to lunch and then a local parade at Kaplan, LA. with a few people from Betty’s RV Park. Lunch was at Suire’s Grocery and Restaurant.

Dean had the alligator po’boy (sandwich) and I had the shrimp and crawfish gumbo (soup) and a crawfish pistolette (a deep fried bun filled with cheese and crawfish).

After lunch we went to the parade at Kaplan about 10 miles West of Abbeville. The parade was about an hour in length.

There were wagons with people throwing beads, candy, and stuffed animals, political candidates throwing beads, and beauty queens throwing beads. And there was a marching band. It was neat small town parade.

The floats were decorated wagons pulled by trucks.

Lots and lots of beads, again!!!


Chuck and Jan Moore said...

The food sounds so interesting! How was Dean's alligator? Hugs, J&C

Tami said...

Great Pics! May I borrow one of the Mardi Graz parade in Kaplan? It is much better than what I have.