Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zapata, Texas

It is warmer now!! We are in Zapata, TX, which is located on the border west of Brownsville. This is a destination for fishermen from Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota and other Midwest states. The town is located next to Falcon Lake, which is a large expanse of the Rio Grande.

Earlier in the week we stayed three nights at Amistad Lake near Del Rio but it was so cold and windy that we didn’t experience the lake or the area. We stayed at San Pedro Flats campground and only paid $2 per night so that was nice. But we still had to use buckets for our water and could not shower since we were still winterized. We did go into Del Rio one day but it was so cold that we shopped, ate Mexican food, and came home.

It is much nicer here in Zapata. We are staying at the New Harbor Lodge and RV Park. It is not a beautiful park but the people are very friendly. When we got here we flushed out our tanks and got rid of the RV antifreeze and took long hot showers. Oh, the joy of full hookups!! We have meet some very nice people from South Dakota (Betty and Marty) and last night the four of us went to see a performance by the Alaska String Band – a family of 5 (mom, dad, and three kids) who play almost all of the string instruments and sing. They were very talented and we all enjoyed the performance.

When we arrived on Thursday, we met some brand new full timers from Kansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. In fact, one of the guys went to Emporia State when Dean was a student there. They left for Falcon Lake State Park and tomorrow we are going to join them for a few days.

The Alaska String Band out of Juneau.

Falcon Lake: fisherman's paradise

New Harbor Lodge and RV Park.

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Sally Schindel said...

Glad to see you are finally warming up! Seems it's been a long winter for you...
Glad you are blogging so we can follow your travels and see your beautiful pictures.
Happy trails!