Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Bend, Boquillas Canyon and Rio Grande CG

After two days of staying in the RV we finally ventured out and saw some more sites of this beautiful national park. On Friday we drove over to Boquillas Canyon and did a short hike. The Mexicans come across the river here and place trinkets and walking sticks on the ground for sale. Their signs say that buying these items will be a donation to the school at Boquillas, Mexico. This town is across the river from our campground, has no electricity, and is located a long way from any town in Mexico. Of course, the national park service has signs posted if you buy anything from the Mexicans the item you purchased will be confiscated and you may be prosecuted. It is a pity that these hardworking Mexicans cannot sell their products. On this hike, we were serenaded by Victor, the singing Mexican. He has a tip jar on our side of the river and he sings on the Mexican side at the entrance to the canyon.

Back at camp we did the Rio Grande nature hike adjacent to the camp. We have taken pictures of coyotes, javelina, and roadrunners around our camp.

On Saturday, we drove to Chisos Basin, which is in the mountainous center of the park. There is a campground there but the road in not recommended for trailers or vehicles over 25 feet. We hiked the Window View trail and the Basin Loop trail (which had a lot of snow on it). The Window is the areas big highlight – a cut in the mountains with a fantastic view to the west. Our next stop was the Hot Springs. After a short hike, past many historic buildings along the Rio Grande river, there is a hot pool (105 degrees). We soaked about 20 minutes and then returned to our campground for showers at the store and one load of laundry. The washers and dryers are so cheap I returned on Sunday to do another load.

Sunday was Dean’s birthday. Last year we spent his birthday at Ajo with the boondockers. This year we are spending it here in Big Bend. And it is a beautiful day. Tomorrow we leave for Amistad National Park outside of Del Rio.

Friendly coyote at Rio Grande Campground

The Window View at Chisos Mountains and the campground

Dean walking the Basin Loop Trail at the Chisos Basin area (in snow).

Hot Springs with the Rio Grande river in background

Dean in warm hat on Nature hike with Rio Grande Campground in trees.

The little town o Boquillas, Mexico across the Rio Grande from our CG.

Entrance to Boquillas Canyon

Victor, the singing Mexican

Trinkets and walking sticks for sale by Mexicans.

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Happy Birthday, Dean!!! Sounds like you're finding some unique country down there and wonderful hiking.Miss you guys, J&C