Monday, September 14, 2009

Olympic Pennisula

We are on the West side of Olympic Pennisula. After we left The Rainer area and said our goodbyes to Dick and Beth we drove to the Escapees park in Chimachum outside of Port Townsend, WA. There we meet up with Chuck and Jan our friends from Iowa. Last Wednesday we went into Port Townsend and had clam chowder at Finn's Restaurant and it was fabulous. Then we walked around the town, went to two museums, and the local farmers market.

On Thursday we drove into the Olympic National Park and to Hurricane Ridge. This location, on the North side of the Park, has a panoramic view of the mountains including Mt. Olympus. And the weather could not have been better - clear sunny day.

Friday, Dean and I took the ferry over to Seattle and had lunch at Ivers on the wharf. Then we met one of Dean's old classmates for dinner at Bainbridge Island. Saturday, we left the beautiful Escapes park and drove West, staying this night at an abandoned visitors center. Sunday, we drove into the rain forest and did a hike among very big trees with lots of moss and ferns. Last night we drove into South Beach, recommended by Dick and Beth, and it is wonderful - right on the beach. We had a nice fire and watched the wave action. It is cloudy and we are hoping for sunny skies tomorrow. But this side gets 140 inches of rain a year so if we get sunny skies we will be very lucky.

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Traveling with Dick, Beth, and Moe said...

Great note, glad you are enjoying South Beach and seafood. Miss you and our campfires.