Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The above picture is our campground at South Beach on the Olympic Pennisula. The four of us have enjoyed a campfire every night. But there is rain today in the Olympic Pennisula. Of course, they get 140 " per year. Yesterday we had gorgeous weather: sunny, warm and clear. We are in the big town of Amanda Parks today, using the internet and making phone calls.
We have been at South Beach for 3 nights and no internet or cell. But it is beautiful.

Tuesday Dean and I went to Ruby Beach and to look at a very large Cedar tree. We have bought fresh salmon from the local Indians at
Queets and I am picking blackberries every chance I can. Life is great.

Yesterday this was our sunset.


Sally Schindel said...

Just got caught up on all your travels - all looks like fun! We both just read a book about a mountain climber, Ed Viesturs, who lives on Bainbridge Island....maybe you ran into him there.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Living the dream! Isn't life grand? We're enjoying our time with you two!
Hugs, C&J