Monday, April 11, 2016

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico March 1-14

On March 1, 7 RVs traveled together to Rocky Point, Mexico.  RP is located about 65 miles from the border at Lukeville, AZ. We drove to the border from Ajo, where those that wanted to, purchased visas.  This is a gray area - you are suppose to have a visa if you stay longer than one week but most do not pay the $26 and stop to do the paperwork.  But most in our group did since we were told we "should do it".  Yes, I got one because of my very cautious husband.  But not next year!

We had no problem driving the very nice road to RP.  I drove and was in the lead.  Feeling pretty confident with my driving, thanks to Dan Shepard and my driving school in January.  We are staying at Play Del Oro located south of the fish market and main shopping area in town.

The weather was excellent during our two week stay.  After parking, we immediately established our spot at the beach wall were we met for coffee in the morning and drinks in the afternoon.

Me, Jim,  Chuck, Dean, Frank

Jan, Betty, Diane

We ate at the fish market many times.  Our favor spot is Flavo's.

Jan, Judy, Diane, Dean - first lunch.

The boys went fishing.  Frank caught one really big grouper.  Thank goodness they had agreed to share this and a few sea bass that were caught.

Joe, Frank, Dean, Duane, Chuck

While boys fished, the girls went to visit my friend, Linda, who lives in RP full time.  We had a delightful lunch at Wrecked at the Reef and then champagne at her condo, which has wonderful view of the ocean.

Linda, Judy, Betty, Diane, Jan

On Linda's patio overlooking Sandy Beach.  Diane, Betty, Judy, Linda

We drove to Cholla Bay one day to check the famous bar - JJ's -and then for lunch.

We enjoyed margaritas on the beach and the beautiful sunsets.

One day we drove to the Mayan Princess, south of RP about 30 miles.  It is a beautiful resort and we had a nice lunch and walk around the lavish grounds.

Of course, one of the reasons to come to RP - buy shrimp, relax at the beach, and be with friends.

Judy buying shrimp at the fish market.

Dean getting massage at beach.

Happy hour with the group.

We had a delightful dinner at El Capitan on the 'Rock' - one of the best views in RP.

New couple on the left - neighbors from Prescott - Chuck and Lynn.

View from El Capitan  - downtown and Sandy Beach condos in distance.

One mistake we made on this 'first annual' RP trip was scheduling during Spring Break.  We had very loud music playing each night, sometimes until 3 in the morning.  We had our own ways of coping - earplugs, fan for gray noise, drugs.  Never again will we go down during Spring Break!  Lynn, Jan, Betty and I got brave and on the last night we walked to one of the noisy discos.  We were the only ones there so we had some fun.

Our last night we had a 'cook everything that you can not take across the border' potluck.  Mainly, you can not take across the border into the US fruits and veggies.  We had a great last night together and lots of good food.

Frank and Diane dancing.  They will soon celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Last fire - Chuck and Lynn and dog Peanut.

We all want to come back next year.  But not during Spring Break!  See you then!

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