Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Year's at Ogilby Rd, Yuma, AZ

We left Anza Borregos on Dec. 29 and headed for Ogilby Rd West of Yuma.  The Moores and Mark B. and Patsi went with us.  On New Years Eve, Betty and Duane joined us.  We had a little New Year's celebration.

Moores went to Sun City and the rest of us stayed at Ogilby.  We were joined by Mark T. and Judy.  
Mark , Judy and I had dental work done at Venus dental in Algodones during the first week of the year. They do good work and so much cheaper than the US dentists.  While we were in the Yuma area we went to movies and lunches with the Boomers.

Parking on the desert off Ogilby Rd.

Lunch with the Boomers.

Patsi and me biking on the desert.

Patsi is a Wonder Woman!

Arizona sunset.

Sitting around by the fire at night.  The weather was much better here than Anza Borregos.

Even Ogilby road has interesting rock/sand drawings.

Dean and I left Ogilby road and stayed with Dan and Jenny Shepard for a few days while I did an RV driving school.  This was well worth the cost and Dan is an excellent teacher.

Dan, Jenny, me and Chica, and Dean in front of their casita in Yuma.

I am driving now!

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