Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Viago Nella Esperanza Cruise - Day 12 and 13

Nov. 8 - Day 12

We are staying by the sunken baths of Cleopatra, built for her by Mark Antony.  After breakfast we do our longest hike from Cleopatra's bath cove to Agalimani Cove.  We went up and over the island and stopped at a goat herders home.  He makes wooden spoons so we had another shopping opportunity.

Breakfast on boat:

Above I am with goat herder and the spoons I bought.  Below is the goat herder with the baby goats. 

This is a one day-old goat that everyone got to hold.

After the hike we went back to the boat, swam for awhile and then headed out for another moaring place.  We cruised in windy weather so we stopped earlier than planned.  

Nov. 9 - Day 13

Left early to get closer to Ekincik Cove where a small rver boat met us and took us up the Dalyan River.  This river snakes amid bamboo and cat tails.  Along the way we talked to a local crab fisherman and we ordered blue crabs to be ready when we started back for our boat.  We visited the ancient Lycian site of Caunus (9 BC), a beautiful ancient site where we clambered around an ancient theater, baths, and temples.  In the theater locals were gathering olives so we helped them. We returned to our small boat and continuted on to see the Lycian temple tombs hugging the rock face.  We stopped for a short time in the town of Daylan and looked around.  Returning to our gulet, we picked up our crab and watched as a loggerhead sea turtle came to the surface.  That afternoon we motored toward Marmaris for our last night on board the beautiful boat.

Above and below - women harvesting olives and tour group helping.

Ruins of Caunus

River boats on the Dalyan

On the way back to our boat we stopped to check out a cave.  Notice the clear turquoise water.


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