Thursday, November 5, 2015

Antalya, Turkey Day 8

11-4 Day 8
After breakfast at the hotel we headed south toward the Mediterranean.  We crossed through the Taurus  mountains and spotted goats along the way.

Antalya is set on a wide bay with mountain views all around.  Once an old fishing village, it is now a popular resort.  We stayed in the Old walled City which has a 2000 year history.  Before going to our hotel we toured the Antalya Muzesi, an archaeological museum that houses an extensive collection of artifacts from the Stone Age to the present.  Most impressive is their display of Roman statues.

We are staying at Tuvana Hotel in the old city.  The streets are cobblestone and very narrow.  Surprisingly, there is auto and scooter traffic on these narrow streets.  I am so glad we are not driving.

Stopping to get Turkish ice cream - this kid put on quite a show when he delivered the cones from this long stick.  

Narrow crowded streets:

Above - restaurant of hotel which was very good.

Day 9 - Nov. 5
We did a tour of the a Roman ruins of Perge and Aspendos.
Perge is an ancient city where St.Paul is said to have preached his first sermon in AD 46.  This area has just recently been excavated, within the last 30 years.  Most impressive is the Agora (market place), the Roman baths, the stadium, and the Hellenistic gates.

The market:

Parts of the old gates:

The baths:

The stadium:  (can you see me?)

The Nymphaeum was a huge fountain.

Towers of the old gates:

More of the baths:

Nearby we visited Aspendos, a Roman city with an impressive theatre and Roman aqueducts.  The theater is considered to be one of the best preserved and finest in the world.  Built in the 2nd century AD, this 15,000-seat theater is still in use for large concerts and events today.

The aqueduct:

We had a delightful lunchin Gozleme, local flatbread with cheese and spinach, cooked outside by these ladies.

After returning to the hotel, three of us ladies went for a Turkish bath (Haman).  It was a wonderful experience!  First you lay on a hot marble slab in a very hot room for about 15 minutes, then you lay on a table and your attendant scrubs and washes you all over.  Next was a mud facial, drying while you sipped your tea.  Lastly was a wonderful massage.  Sorry, no photos were taken.
That night we had a wonderful dinner at the Mermerli restaurant overlooking the harbor.  During dinner Lynn got a scare when a gecko dropped from the ceiling on to her arm.  So sorry we must leave this city tomorrow.

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