Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kansas thru Washington

I am really behind in my blogging so I will try to do two blogs today to catch up.

After we left Lewis and Clark State Park near Atchinson, KS, we spent the first night at a COE campground (Methodist Cove) near Harlan lake in Nebraska.  This is a beautiful park with a lot of sites located very close to the lake.  Still very hot so we are running our air.
The next night was in a really nice but small campground between Cheyenne and Laramie called Vedauwoo Rec Area.  It is not big rig friendly except for a couple of sites.  Thank goodness we got there early.  This area has a lot of very large rocks and I got a quick picture of a deer close to camp.
We did not need the air as this park elevation is around 8000 ft.

We drove to Palisades Res., just inside Idaho, and found a really nice National Forest CG at the base of the dam.  We enjoyed this CG so much we ended up staying 3 nights.  While we were there we spotted many boondocking areas across the Snake river.  Days End (Escapes) has the listings now.

After three days we headed West and got into smoke from the Forest fires around Twin Falls, Idaho.  And we never really got totally away from the smoke until we got to Portland, OR.  
We met up with my brother, Kelly, and sister-in-law, Mary, at Ketchum, Idaho and found a nice boondocking spot near Stanley, Idaho.  We went from very hot to very cold when the first night the temp went close to freezing.  We stayed two nights and were joined one night by Lee and Bob Jusseaume who were on their way back to AZ after traveling since May.

Working our way West we stopped at Cascade Lake and Catfish Junction, on the banks of the Snake, for one night each ( still in Idaho).  The drive was beautiful but still a lot of smoke in the air.

Entering Oregon, we made a quick stop at the Pendleton factory in Pendleton and stayed overnight at Hermiston.  We followed the Columbia River Gorge to Hood River the next day and stayed 4 nights at Toll Bridge County Park.  This is a really nice park south of Hood River about 15 miles.  We did the fruit loop - lots of produce stands and wineries.  This was the only clear day, because of the smoke, that we could see Mt Hood.

I drove Kelly and Mary to Multnomah Falls on Saturday (big mistake) and dropped them off at the entrance.  I drove for 20 minutes and still could not find a parking place so they got to see the falls but I didn't.  Oh well, I had saw it when we were here before.  The highlight of our stay in the Hood River area was seeing cousin Mo and her husband Miles who live outside of Lyle, WA. They have a beautiful piece of property in a canyon, totally off the grid.

We left Hood River and stayed a few nights at the Vancouver Elks (WA).  Did some shopping and visited with some friends.
Finally we reached the West coast (Long Besch, WA) and stayed at Cranberry RV park for three nights.  The first day we walked to the beach and had a HH on the beach.  Day two, we bought oysters in Oysterville and walked around the historic district, then went into Long Beach to do more walking by the beach and enjoy a wonderful meal at the Lost Roo.

Above - my first selfie!

The last day in the Long Beach area was very windy and rainy.  In fact, they recorded 90 mph gusts in some places.  We ventured out to buy fresh fish in Llwaco and go to Cape Disappointment.  Kelly, Dean and I walked to the North Lighthouse, which was easy until we broke away from the ground cover.  Then we almost got blown over the cliff.  The wind was the worst I have ever been in.  All the electricity for the park and Llwaco was out.  We went to the Intrepretive center but they had no electricity and did not recommend us walking to the other lighthouse because lots of limbs were falling.    What a wild day!

The next day we drove over the big bridge into Oregon.  So my next post, maybe this afternoon, will be  from our first week in Oregon.

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