Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lower Sabie Rest Camp

On the drive down from Satara to Lower Sabie we stopped at Tshokwane picnic area for an early lunch.  Dean and I split kudu steak and paps.  Bernita had the waffles and ice cream and Ron had the bush breakfast.  Dean and I wanted the ice cream but they would not sell it without the waffle so we split that also, all for $5 (50 rand).  While we were at the picnic area we were entertained by the Vervet monkeys, bushbuck, and an elephant strolling thru the area.  We arrived at Lower Sabie around 1 and had to wait to checkin until 2.  This camp is very crowded, especially on the weekends, with lots of tourists.  After we checked in we went out for a short drive.  We thought we saw a lion but it was under a tree so we did not get a good look at him.  There is more vegetation here so spotting is difficult.
Oct. 27 - My birthday!  I got to spend my birthday in South Africa.  What a memory.  We went out for a drive in the morning to Crocodile Gate and saw everything except the cats!  We didn't go out in the afternoon.  Dean and I split a nice bottle of wine and then ate at the restaurant.  The food is not great but very reasonable.  We split the fish and chips and the chicken breast, had more wine and bottled water all for under $20.  There was very few people at the restaurant so we had a nice quiet dinner to ourselves.
Oct. 28 - The four of us drove North of Lower Sabie and saw again lots of elephants, buffaloes, ostriches, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, baboons, interesting birds, rhinos.  We saw probably the smallest baby elephant - couldn't get a shot since it was no taller than the grass.  But the most exciting sight was seeing two cheetahs about 10 feet from the car.  They walked past our car, behind it on the road and into the brush.  What a sight.  We talked to a fellow that had seen a pride of lions this morning at Crocodile Gate.  Wish we could see that the day before, but we have
three more days.  We really thought we would see the Big Five everyday so we are a little disappointed.  But at least we have seen the Big Five during our stay.
During the afternoon drive we saw more elephants, kudus, bushbucks, and the cutest baby hippo.
While we were fixing dinner back at camp our neighbors spotted a bush baby in the trees.  So cute!
Pictures:  baboon family, Vermet monkeys, the four of us at the picnic area, bushbuck, warthog, giraffe, female ostriches, Dean and I on my birthday, wildebeest, cheetah, and baby hippo.

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