Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Home again

We left the Icefields highway and made one more stop in Canada.  The Moore's called to say that they would be in Lethbridge, Alberta, so the Poutney's and us went to Lethbridge and stayed at the casino with the Moore's for one night.  It was nice to get together for one last time before we all went our separate ways.
We made three stops on our way back to Prescott.  The first night in the good old USA was spent at Clark Canyon Reservoir near Dillon, Montana.  What a lovely spot.  This is a BOR camping area that has numerous campgrounds on the lake and they are all free.  I could have stayed longer but Dean was on a mission to get home.
The next day was a killer!  We drove thru Idaho, no problem, but driving through Salt Lake City we had a blowout on our toad on Interstate 15 in 6 lanes of traffic.  Thank goodness Dean did not panic and pulled the rig to the side as safely as he could.  We had do damage to the toad, just the tire.  And Discount Tire was 2 miles away.  Thankfully, Dean had bought the roadside warranty when he got the tires just before we left on this trip.  So we had a bit of a delay but finally made it to Nephi, Utah, where we stayed on the Nebo Scenic Loop road.  Another beautiful spot and I wanted to stay longer but we left early the next morning.  
The third day of our travels home and we had a few major hill climbs and Dean was worried about the transmission the entire time.  I had to drive the toad separate for about 50 miles.  We camped at Jacob Lake about 2 miles from the store on Forest Rd. 247.  Another great spot and this time Dean said lets stay for 2 nights.  I gladly agreed so we could have a nice resting day before we end this great trip.

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