Monday, August 15, 2011

Prince Edward Island

Here we are in Prince Edward Island. We came across from Nova Scotia on the ferry at Pictou. The ferry is free going to the island. You only pay when you leave – maybe we shouldn’t leave. We are really enjoying ourselves here – warm weather, beautiful scenery, great food, and lovely people.

The ferry ride is about an hour. Chica got to go on deck. It was a beautiful crossing. We arrived at PEI and stayed the first night at the visitors center, less than 4 miles from the ferry terminal.

The next day we went to our fifth Harvest Host of this year – Shepard’s farm outside of Mt. Stewart. Steve and Cindy Cousins and family run the farm and they have chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, geese, along with crops of raspberries, black currants, potatoes and more. We picked raspberries the first and second day we were there. What a treat. And Chica even made a new friend.

On Sunday Dean, Chica, and I drove the East shore drive. We took a hike at the National Park at Greenwich. Their claim to fame is a boardwalk going across the marsh to the beach.

Then we went on to the East Point lighthouse, which, of course, is the farthest east point on the island.

We made a stop at Basin Head Provincial Park to hear the singing sands. The sands were not singing today because they have had too much wet weather – the silicone in the sand has not dried out enough for the sand to sing. But it was a real pretty park and since it was Sunday there were a lot of people enjoying the wonderful weather.

On Monday, Dean and I went into Charlottetown, the biggest city on the island. We walked around the downtown, along the boardwalk, and watched as the military band and color guard participated in the inaugural of the new lieutenant governor.

One of PEI’s specialties is chocolate covered potato chips. We tried them – not great. But we did go to the Cow Creamery and took the tour and had their ice cream. The tour was not worth the $6 each but the ice cream certainly was worth every penny. This ice cream has been voted the number one ice cream in the world. Very good!

I took a short bike ride along the Confederation trail around Mt. Stewart. PEI has miles and miles of bike trails going all the way across the island. Along the way I spotted a fox. This picture is blown up a lot.

Dean helped Steve and his kids with the black currant harvest. There is always help needed on a farm. We both picked raspberries to help them out.

Tomorrow we leave for the other side of the island and another Harvest Host.

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