Monday, August 22, 2011


Our last night in Canada was at Blacks Harbor. We left Friday morning and crossed the border around 8 AM. They took Dean's firewood and some fruit. We got to Shelley and Lon's in Brewer, Maine, around 10:30. I immediately took Chica to the groomers - after 5 months she really needed grooming. That evening we went to Jon and Ellen's camp for dinner. They have a lovely place on Lake Lucerne.

On Saturday the Maniack group went to Bar Harbor and had a birthday picnic for Ellen's cousin, Lynn. Chica is very happy now that she is back with her buddy, Yetti.
The picnic was actually at Thompson Island, not far from Arcadia National Park. It was a beautiful day for a picnic.
That night a group of us went to Bar Harbor and did a sunset cruise on the Windjammer schooner. It was a fun cruise but the weather (fog) made for a dismal sunset.
But we had a great time anyway - snacks, drinks, entertainmentand new friends. We didn't let a little fog hamper our spirits.
Chica even got to go. She has become quite the adventuring dog.
Saturday was laundry and house cleaning day. Then we went back to Jon and Ellen's for dinner. Today the group met at Lonnie and Shelley's and I cooked cod for everyone. And we had PEI raspberries and ice cream. Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to Maine and heading West. We should be in Kansas within 4 - 5 days.

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