Saturday, August 6, 2011

Elliston and Rodriques Winery

We parked at a beautiful scenic overlook outside of Elliston on the Bona Vista Pennisula, just past the puffin viewing area.

Elliston is also the root cellar capitol of the world with over 130 root cellars in the area.

Some of the cellars are still in use today.

When we got to Elliston the weather was clear and sunny so I rushed over to see the puffins. They were so close – less than 20 feet away and I took a lot of pictures. Dean and I came back later and with his camera we got a lot of really nice shots. We also watched the whales playing in the bay. I saw (with binoculars) a humpback breach over 11 times. What a site! I wish I could have taken a picture.

On Sunday I went into Bona Vista. I thought that this was a very pretty city – narrow streets, colorful houses, lots of history.

I went thru the Ryan Premises Historic Site. Mr. Ryan traded with the local fishermen and built a large enterprise.

I went to Cape Bonavista Lighthouse. Again there were whales and puffins the cape. I took a trail outside the lighthouse that had many Inukshuks (stone monuments place to resemble a human figure. They serve as signposts much like our cairns do on the trails in the US.

Monday we moved to another Harvest Host member – Rodriques winery in Whitburne on the Avalon Pennisula. We parked on a hill overlooking the winery, which was a hospital in previous years. We did the wine tasting – berry wines such as strawberry, blueberry, cloudberry. Not as sweet as you might think.

Tuesday we drove to the closest Walmart for some shopping and the Harbor Grace to do laundry. We drove into Brigus – a cute little town and home of Capt. Bob Bartlett, famous Arctic explorer. His house, Hawthorne cottage, is a national historic site. Brigus also had a tunnel that lead to the beach. Dean and Chica are in front of the tunnel.

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