Saturday, July 23, 2011

Triton, Newfoundland

We spent four lovely days at Triton. We came into town in a driving rain and the place we wanted to park was a big mud puddle. So we asked the local Salvation Army Church if we could park in their parking lot. Howard Bridger, the second in command, said sure and did we luck out! Not only did we have a great place to park , we made some great friends while we were there.

The first day we drove around the fishing communities and had lunch at Fudges (seafood combo). We tried cod tongues again and they were better here. On Sunday we went to the church services at the Salvation Army. Unlike the US, the Canada SA has very active churchs.

We went on a very tough hike called the Maple Ridge Coastal Trail. This trail has over 3000 steps one way. Dean, Ron and I made it to the top and we were rewarded with great views of Triton harbor. Bernita went halfway and enjoyed talking with some of the locals around the mussel farms. The straight line buoys are the mussel farms.

Lots and lots of steps but the views were fantastic.

We were going to leave on Monday but Howard said that he would take us out for a boat ride if we stayed another day. Ron, Dean, Howard, a local fisherman (Lawrence), and I went for two hours in the Triton Harbor. It was a beautiful day. That afternoon Lawrence came back with canned moose, another man brought marinated mussels, and Howard brought us canned beets. What a lovely community.

Ron, Dean, Howard and Lawrence and Howard's boat

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Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Chuck says "Judy blogged" so of course I had to stop what I was doing and take a look at what new from New Foundland! Wow - gorgeous views & pics, LOTS of steps and a wonderful stop at the SA Church! Life doesn't get much better, eh?