Friday, July 29, 2011

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

It’s Friday and our last night in Twillingate. It has been a fun week and I will report on the Fish, Fun, and Folk Festival later. This blog will be about our day trip to Fogo Island.

Last Friday the Poutneys, Dean, Chica and I went to Fogo Island. We had to leave around 7:15 to catch the 9:00 ferry out of Farewell. It was foggy and cold (as usual). The ferryride cost around $12 per couple and lasted around 45 minutes. Chica got to ride on the deck.

We drove to the little town of Tilting, which is a National Historic site because it is a traditional fishing village still pretty much unchanged.

We stopped at the Dwyer Fishing Premises and took a tour. The buildings were very interesting and quaint.

After Tilting we drove to the city of Fogo, another fishing village. After a picnic lunch we hiked to the top of the Fogo Head Trail. There were icebergs in the distance and the weather had cleared up nicely.

This trail was another trail with lots of stairs.

Looking down at fogo and Ron and Bernita coming down the stairs.

When we got back to the ferry we had to wait for about 2 hours since the ferry was an hour late. The ride back was very nice since the weather had turned warm and we got back into Twillingate around 6.

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