Friday, July 1, 2011

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

I didn’t have my pictures of the Alpaca feeding when I wrote the last blog so this is a picture of Bernita and I feeding the Alpacas. You can see it was another foggy wet day in Newfoundland.

After Stephensville we drove to Corner Brook, the second largest town of Newfoundland with a population of 20,000. We parked at a shopping mall on a hill with great views of Humber Arm and the Bay of Islands.

We did a scenic drive along the south shore of the Bay on route 450 to Lark Harbour and Little Port. Along the way we stopped at Frenchmen’s Cove. The fishermen had just returned and they had halibut and cod for sale. Of course, seafood crazy as we are (Bernita even liked these fish), we bought a 24 lb halibut and 15 lbs of cod. The fishermen cleaned them while we drove the coastline to Lark Harbour and Little Port.

In Little Port we had a picnic and watched the fishermen unload their catch. The halibut season in this area is a 24 hour time limit. So the dock was very busy. Some of the halibut were very large. We saw one that was close to 200 lb. This was a beautiful little fishing wharf and the day was sunny and warm.

After picking up our fish and returning to Corner Brook we drove up a hill to the James Cook Historic Site, a scenic overlook of the city and bay.

On Thursday we drove TCH 1 (another beautiful drive and great highway) to Hwy 430 and then up through Gros Morne National park to a little town of Cow Head. We are going to the Lobster Festival for a few days.

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