Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

Last Sunday we were in St. John’s, which is a major city in southern New Brunswick. We were fortunate to stay in the parking lot of the Reversing Falls Park visitor’s center. The falls are under a bridge, which is at the confluence of three rivers and the Bay of Fundy. We watched the falls – at high tide the water is pretty flat thru this area and runs inland. At low tide there is some pretty impressive falls with amazing whirlpools. There is a slack tide also when the water changes directions.

The next day we moved to the charming town of St. Martins, NB. We were invited to stay in a local’s driveway and Ron and Bernita stayed in a restaurant parking lot with a view of the bay. We were traveling the Fundy Coastal Drive. Outside of St. Martins are some large caves that you are able to walk to during low tide. We didn’t time it right so we never did walk into the caves.

About 6 miles from St. Martins is the Sentler Fundy Trail. This is a 13 mile drive (toll) along the coastline with panoramic vistas, views of flower pots (rock formations) water falls, interpretive center, suspension bridge, hiking and biking trails. We did a couple of hikes, walked across the suspension bridge, and watched a movie at the interpretive center. The guys had to take a picture of the 16% grade on the Trail – glad we didn’t have the RV’s on this road.

Wednesday we drove to Hillsboro, NB. Unhooked the RV’s in a large lot behind the post office and took off for Hopewell Rocks. This is another site along the New Bunswick Fundy Coastal Trail that has amazing rock formations caused by the water. We walked around the formations (called flower pots) at low tide. And we got pretty muddy! As you can see from the yellow sign - walkers had to be off the beach by 3:30 since the tide was coming in. We waited until 4 and then took a kayaking trip into the same area we had just walked earlier. The kayaking guides have you sit down in the kayaks on land and the water keeps coming up until they just have to give you a little pull and you are in the ocean. We kayaked in and around the rock formations that now made passageways to kayak thru. Good guides and great fun. And this was one of the warmest, sunniest days.


Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Chuck & I are just having a great time seeing all of your pictures! What a great time the 4 of you must be having! So many wonderful sights and new experiences. Wish we could have been on that kayaking trip w/ you! Hugs, J&C

Janet said...

Love Fundy Bay. That is on our bucket list whenever we get to that part of the country:) You two are having an awesome experience. Thanks for the wonderful blog and photos:)

Wes and Jan