Saturday, June 25, 2011

East Bay and Louisburg

We are in Sydney waiting for our ferry crossing tomorrow. There is wifi at McDonalds, so I’m going to send off a blog.

It is still cold here - Chica likes to snuggle in Dean's goosedown jacket.

After Goldboro, we drove the rough Hwy 316 along the Eastern Shore. The scenery was beautiful but the road was very bad – patched in many places. We soon were on Hwy 16 heading for Cape Breton Island and it wasn’t so bad. We overnighted one night at Walmart in Port Hawksbury and then drove to East Bay. This was probably the nicest boondocking spot so far– on a parking/picnic area, surrounded by water, with lots of room for both rigs. The GPS showed us on the water but it is a road that goes across the water with this large pullout. Thank you Days End.

After parking we went to the Fortress of Louisburg. This is by far the largest restored village/fort that we have seen so far. It is listed as North America’s largest historic reconstruction. The 18th century comes alive as we walked thru period homes, the old fort, and stores. There were many citizens of the town (people dressed up in costume) explaining their role in everyday life. In fact, there was more working than tourists. The only problem was that it was very windy and cold while we were there. Is it ever going to warm up here??

On Friday we stayed at the rigs and enjoyed our beautiful surroundings. The four of us and Chica took a walk. After a cold morning, it was a beautiful afternoon. Dean and Ron even had a fire in the firecan.

Next blog - Newfoundland. We take the 10AM ferry tomorrow and arrive at 3:30.

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