Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Washington DC - Pentagon Memorial, Ford Theater, Capitol. Library of congress

Speaking of standing on the corner - here's Dean waiting for the green light with the Capitol behind.

The four of us are having a great time together. We toured the Capitol on Monday. We have been very fortunate that the weather has been wonderful. And because the weather is wonderful there have been a lot of people visiting.

We did a quick tour of the Library of Congress.

Ron and Bernita are staying in front of their Representative's office. We had to contact our Representatives to arrange a tour of the Capitol Their representative's aide even escorted us to the Capitol via the underground passageways.

The tour took us into the Crypt, Rotunda, and former meeting room of the House of Representatives. The Rotunda has lots of marble and bronze statues around the room donated and picked by the states.

The ceiling of the Rotunda is beautiful and really high.

More pictures of the Rotunda. This is our tour guide. There were about five our six big tours while we were there.

There is so much to see in this city! Six days straight we have left Greenbelt National Park and headed for the Metro stations 3 miles away. We have gotten pretty good at reading the map of the Metro. We take the Green line into the city and take other lines to see sites. Once you figure it out it is pretty easy.

On Sunday we toured the Ford theater where Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865. The theater has been restored to its 1960s appearance. A National Park Service ranger gave a very good talk on the story of the assassination. Lincoln was sitting in the area with all the flags.

This is the actual gun the John Wilkes Booth used to shoot President Lincoln.

We also went to the Pentagon Memorial.

One hundred and eighty four benches commemorate the lives lost during 9-11. Benches that face the sky are the passengers in the airline and benches that face the Pentagon are the military personnel who died.

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