Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vermont and New Hampshire

We left Lancaster on a Sunday morning. Very glad to get out of the Historic Downtown area. Thank goodness there was no traffic and we knew where we were going.
Only stopped for an overnight in NY at the Sidney Elks. Nice spot.
Picture above - ferry across Lake Champlain in upstate NY. Only a ten minute ride but fun. Looking forward to the ferry to Newfoundland!

We stayed at the Vermont Wilflower Farm outside of Charlotte, VT. Large parking lot and nice fields (no flowers yet). Did a little shopping.
Saw a beautiful red fox when we arrived. Didn't get a picture though.

Didn't go far the next day - East Montpelier about 50 miles, to another Harvest Host site - Braggs Sugar farm.
Set up on the hill above the store. Beautiful views. Went shopping at the store. Bought maple and chocolate creamies (soft ice cream) and sat on the porch in their rockers. Then we bought maple syrup, maple flavored cheese, maple sugar. We are staying free but these food stores are my downfall.

Bragg Sugar farm is out in the country. They had rabbits and goats for the kids to pet. Beautiful countryside and very quiet.
We joined Harvest Host last year and now have used it 3 times. Each time we feel very fortunate to stay at these farms and winerys.

Stopped for the holiday weekend at a national campground in the White Mts. of New Hampshire. Dolly Copp CG is 6 miles south of Gorham, NH. We are very close to Mt. Washington. Half of the CG sites were reserved for the weekend but we were early enough that we got a great site.

Right after we got there a momma moose came through our site looking for her calf. Thank goodness they meet up right by our rig. We got some great shots.

We have done two hikes and one bike ride. One hike was along the river. The forest here are very lust (we have had rain almost every day) and there are little streams everywhere. Beautiful hiking!

Chica has gone with us on our hikes. She loves the water as you can see!

Yesterday we went to the other side of Mt. Washington and did the Cog Train. That will be the next blog.


Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Everything is SO beautiiful! Sounds like joining Harvest Hosts has been perfect for you guys. Wish we were out there hiking and biking with you; miss you! Hugs, J&C

Janet said...

Looks like you are having a great time. We are still in Kansas for another 3 weeks - family reunion and followup appt on my knee before we can leave:) Will be spending the summer in Colorado beginning July 5.

Very interested in the Harvest Hosts program. Sounds like our kind of destinations.

Your blog is great!