Friday, April 1, 2011

Everglades National Park - Flamingo

We arrived at Everglades National Park on Saturday, March 26, and stayed at Lone Pine Campground. This blog will focus on our day trip to Flamingo, which is 34 miles from Lone Pine.

We took a ranger lead boat ride on the canal and into two lakes. The ranger pointed out quite a few crocodiles and alligators. Yes, there are crocodiles in Florida! And lots of alligators. We also saw two manatees which are in the picture to the above. They never surfaced and the ranger said they could hold their breath for 20 mintues so we did not hang around.

When we got back to the dock there was a very large alligator swimming around the boats. He was drawing quite a crowd. Flamingo is located in the southwest corner of Everglades with ocean and freshwater mingling.

Flamingo is not as lust in vegetation as Lone Pine. This picture is of the marina. They have a visitors center, RV campground with hookups, and a tent area. They offer rentals for kayaks and canoes. Then you can really get up close to the alligators and crocodiles!

Back to our campground at sunset. We had lots of pine trees and vegetation. I will have more pictures of Lone Pine in one of my next blogs.

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