Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Magnolia Beach

Sunday we left Padre Island and drove North to Port Aransas where we had to cross the water on a free ferry. It is a very short ferry and they have lots of ferry boats so there was no line. The ferries can accomodate any size RV.

We drove to Magnolia Beach which is a free camping spot listed in Day's End. There are only a few RV's here, but we are told that it can get pretty crowded. Most of the people that are here are fishing, but they are not catching like the fishermen at Padre Island.

When we got here there was nobody next to us. Then on Monday two RV's pulled in on each side of us. We are the second RV in this picture.

The highlight of the stay here (again food?) was going to Bubba's in the little town of Seadrift. We ordered their special - crab, shrimp, sausage, and potatoes. We had three meals on this order and it was all good!!

Today is our last day here. I have been working on the computer and watching this small fishing boat out the front window all morning. It is dwarfed by this large tanker. The main catch is oysters and we did buy some from a local plant on Monday. Across the bay is a large aluminum plant so there are big tankers coming through everyday.

Tomorrow we are going to Clute, Texas and try to see Galveston from that location.

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mountainborn said...

Great report. We just love that ferry ! Did you see the dolphins ? We always look for them.