Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mittry Lake New Years and Ogliby Rd East of Yuma

New Year's Eve we participated in the "Z" circle with the Boomers. This was a chance to visit in small numbers and get to know some new Boomers. In the picture to the right we are in Jan and Chuck's rig along with Margie and Tom Mahoney and Laurie Brown and Odel King. After the "Z" we went to the campfire and brought in the New Year. This was the first time Dean and I had stayed up that late in a long time. And it was lots of fun.

On New Year's Day we had another of the infamous Boomer potlucks. Mark and Judy fixed a trashcan turkey and it was delicious. Actually everything was delicious. And the weather was OK if you stayed out of the wind and in the sun.

The Moores and us left on Monday, Jan. 3, for Ogilby Rd. We are camped on the desert East of Yuma and the weather has finally gotten warm enough that we can sit outside. Yeah!

Yesterday the four of us hiked to a mountain close by. Chuck and Jan had hiked it many times but it was a first for Dean and I. We scrambled up one side and down the other. I was so glad that I bought walking sticks. It was quite the hike!

We will be staying 5 more days here and then heading for Boomerville. On Monday we are going to Algodones, Mexico. Wednesday, we will repeat our winning streak at the casino with the free play and Walmart shopping before we head North to Quartzsite. The rest of the time we spend leisurely reading, playing on the computer, and taking walks with Chica. Life is really, really good!!!!

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