Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ajo, the "Steps", Yuma

Currently we are off Ogilby Road, west of Yuma. We are parked by Chuck and Jan Moore and Ron and Bernita Poutney. Dee and Bruce Richmond came in yesterday. The eight of us are with the Boondockers, who are scattered around this area. When we got here on Thursday the weather was beautiful but we have had a lot of windy days. We have been having a great time with the other couples: happy hour celebrating our new rigs, group dinners, and playing Mexican Train, watching the Olympics, going for long hikes. What a great group!! We will probably be here for another week. And then return to Prescott.

At Ajo we parked on BLM land. There were a lot of rigs. We went to the fiddle contest on Thursday night and then again on Sunday. Some of the fiddle players were very good. We especially liked the young kids that played.

On Friday, I went for a 16 mile bike ride with Dee and Bruce to Ajo and we did three geocaches. The other days we hiked with the group, attended the happy hours and the campfires.

And one of the highlights of the week was celebrating Dean’s 63rd birthday with cake and ice cream at the happy hour.

On Monday we went to Lake Havasu City for the Winter Blast. We stayed at “the Steps” . The “Steps” is a development that did not make it but it is a great place to park since the only thing the developers did was level a lot of the area. Besides the Boomers, the Rovin Rods were also there and we got to see our old friends, Richard and Peggy, from the Oregon crabbing trip this summer. We joined the Rods in the evening for their campfire and the Boomers for happy hour.

While we were at the steps, Matt and Betty Dodson from Oregon joined us. The four of us

went to the fireworks on Friday night. Saturday, Chuck and Jan Moore arrived with their new rig. Chuck and Jan and Dean and I went to Ed’s Birthday party on Saturday and then to the fireworks. The main event was spectacular.

We left the “Steps” on Tuesday and headed back to Quartzsite for two days. During this time we parked at milepost 99 with Chuck and Jan and Loren and Kathy Webster. Then we took off for the last leg of our journey – Yuma.

We arrived to some excitement - a rig had just burned. We hope that never happens to any of us!!!

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