Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crabbing at Winchester Bay

Dean did it! He finally caught a crab. We have been at Winchester Bay with the Rovin Rods for 4 days and he has been crabbing everyday (two days on a boat and 2 days off the pier). finally he came home with 2 nice crabs. Hopefully we will get more in the next week.

We are having a great time with the
Rods. We have a happy hour each night and last night we all went into Reedsport to the Eagles for chicken fried steak. My diet has been totally blown apart on this trip. Tonight we are having a crab potluck. Everything hasbeen great except for the weather. Wonderful mornings but then the wind picks up and the afternoons are very windy and cold. Oh well, we can't have everything.

This is Jan and Chuck enjoying their breakfast at the marina where we are staying.


Sally Schindel said...

Yay Dean! Perseverance pays off... We're enjoying reading about your travels. Maybe we'll run into you in Prescott some day!

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Congrats Dean on getting the crabs! Except for the weather in the afternoons, this sure has been a fun! C&J