Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emigrant, Montana at Richard and Carol's

We are in our last day at Emigrant. Dean and Richard have worked on his fifth wheel all week. Tomorrow Richard and Carol are going with us to boondock for a couple of days.

We have been busy during our stay. On Thursday we drove into Yellowstone and then over Beartooth pass. We saw one bear, 2 moose, a herd of Mountain goats and over 1000 buffalo. The elevation of Beartooth pass is over 10,000 ft. so the scenery was fantastic. We stopped at a great café in Cook City for lunch and then we stopped at Tower falls in Yellowstone for Willcoxson ice cream.

On Friday, we got the long awaited tour of a shelter built by the Church of Universal and Triumphant, 20 years ago. Charlie Hull, an 82 year old retired schoolteacher and church member, took us through the shelter. He has worked on the shelter for 6 years. The shelter was set up for 91 people to live for over a year. There were supplies everywhere. And these supplies have been there for 20 years! There were also clothes, toiletries, and personnel items in the different 6X8 bedrooms that each member paid $8500 to occupy. There are three levels – lower floor with a huge furnace (which has never been used) and generators, a middle level with bedrooms, showers and toilets, and an upper level with a fully-stocked kitchen, library/gameroom, and lavish living quarters for the owner of the shelter. The entire shelter was made out of steel tanks welded together and 12 - 20 ft of dirt on top. It is several thousand square feet. Needless to say, it was very fascinating. The picture above is Richard, Charlie and Dean standing on top of the shelter.

Saturday, Carol and I went to the local Farmer’s Market ,which had five tables set up. I bought some organic veggies. We drove to Gardiner and on to Mammouth Hot Springs. As we entered Yellowstone we spotted some bighorn sheep on the hillside. In Mammouth Hot Springs there was a herd of elk on the lawn of the hotel. We have seen a lot of wildlife this
week! And we again had Willcoxson ice cream! Watch out Blue Bunny.

Today we went to Chico Hot Springs and had a wonderful brunch. We are going back tonight to soak in the hot pools. Tomorrow we leave for Red Lodge.

These are the Mountain goats just inside of Yellowstone. They were very far away,up on a ridge.

The weather has been cold and rainy all week.

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