Monday, May 5, 2008

Mexico Cruise

April 28, Dean and I left Phoenix for a 5 day cruise with Phx. Ski Club.  We flew over with Brian and Dick F. We arrived in San Diego and our boat "Elation"  (Carnival Cruise Lines) was waiting for us but we could not board until 11:30.  So, Dean and I found a wine store (Riteaid) and bought wine for the trip.  

When we boarded we could not get to our cabin until 1:30 so we 
went straight to the buffet lunch that was waiting for us.  What a beautiful boat.  Our room was very spacious and our steward was very nice.  We had happy hour on deck as we pulled out of the San Diego Harbor.

PSC had the 8:15 seating for dinner each night, which is a bit late for us but we were so busy each day we didn't mind too much.  We ate with Sheila & Paul, Nancy & Bill, and Dennis and Deb each night.  Meals were pretty good.  And if you didn't like what you ordered they would bring you something else. 

We watched the show - lots of singing and dancing, and a v
ery funny comedian.   Sleeping was great - the boat just gently rocks you.
April 29 - Dean started the day with an hour walk on the jogging track located on the 12 floor.  I went to the gym and lifted and then walked.  After a wonderful buffet breakfast, Dean and I read in the library and walked around the ship.  We had a PSC get together in the afternoon and a Captain's reception before dinner. Dinner this evening was lobster.  It wasn't big but it was very good.  We capped the day off wth the 10:30 show. We took pictures of the midnight buffet.  The food was too pretty to eat.  Then we went to the midnight comedy act.  Finally got to bed around 1:00.
April 30 - The boat arrived in Cabo San Lucas around 8:00.  We had breakfast in room and then took a small boat tour to the Land's End rock formation  and then bummed around town.  Another beautiful day.
Watched the boat pull out of Cabo.  Went to the show at 7 and dinner again at 8:15.  

May 1 - Day at sea.  Got up late and I went to a seminar on detox and weight loss (I know, stupid on a cruise) and a talk on disembarkation. Dean walked on decks in A.M. and lifted.  I worked out in afternoon.  We are trying to keep in shape but we are eating too much with all the buffets and three course late dinners.

Had happy hour with PSC in 
disco.  Group picture on stairs of atrium.

This night we had the buffet instead of the formal dinner.  Eating every night at 8:15 (actually getting our
 meal around 9) was getting a little old.  We gambled some,  listened in on  the karaoke bar, and went to the show - magician and comedian.

May 2 - Walked into Ensenada.  Fish market was very interesting - more varieties than I have ever seen.
Went back to boat and took tour of wine country - actually 2 wineries about an hour from Ensenada - Domecq and L.A. Cetto.  After a short tour at each we got to taste many different wines.  Very enjoyable tour.  

Left Ensenada around 5.  Had dinner with group tonight - our last night.  Went to bed fairly early.

May 3 - Last breakfast buffet - went up with luggage.  Buffet very crowded since everyone wanted to eat before they left.  We wanted to stay on boat as long as possible since our plane did not leave until 2:40.  Got off the boat at around 10:30 and went to airport.  Dean and I took a walk along harbor.  Arrived in Phx at 4.  Really good to see Chica.  Great trip - would do it again!


Wes Hopper said...

Nice job with the travel report. Does this new technology mean that you'll be answering your email oftener than once a month now? Let us know when you're going to be at the cabin.We'll see you there in a couple of weeks for sure.
Wes & Sandy

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Really enjoyed reading about the cruise! Wish we could have been there with you. Great two look MARVELOUS!
Chuck and Jan

Mrs. A said...

Wow Dad you are a Blogger! I'm impressed! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. New challenge -how about adding a podcast to your post? :-)